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All you need to know before your trip.
From travel documentation to information regarding the transport of your hand or in hold  baggage, how we welcome your small pets on board, special assistance that we can offer you up to the choice of your seat on board and check-in. Find out how to organize the trip with children or minors  and many other useful information.


At the time of booking, the Passenger can select their seat for an additional fee.
If no seat is selected, Aeroitalia will provide free seat allocation during check-in, based on availability.
Aeroitalia may allocate or reallocate seats at any time, even after boarding.This may be necessary for operational or safety reasons.
If the Passenger has paid for a seat reservation and the flight is cancelled or the seat is reallocated to another category for operational or safety reasons, the Passenger is entitled to a refund of the cost of the booked seat.
No refund will be made if you are not flying voluntarily or if at the time of booking you provided inaccurate details concerning your eligibility to occupy a seat near the security exit

Unless otherwise notified, the Fare charged for your itinerary will only include Air transport from the airport at your departure location to the airport of arrival.
The prices do not include overground transportation between airports and city terminals, nor any other service not expressly indicated in the Itinerary Receipt and/or in the Ticket.
The price of the flight may include supplements applied by the Carrier. Each Fare will be calculated in accordance with the Fares in force on the date of the Booking, for trips to be made on the dates and for the itineraries indicated on the Itinerary Receipt.
Any change in date or itinerary may result in a change to the applicable Fare. The applicable Fares will be calculated according to the regulations in force on the date of purchase, as published by the Carrier, for a given transport class.
At the time of booking, the Passenger will be informed of the total price of the itinerary, which includes the Fare, Taxes and Issuance Fees.  

At the time of Booking, the Passenger must pay the airport taxes and duties imposed by a government, any other authority or the operator of an airport.
The Passenger will be informed of the amount at the time of booking, which will be added to the Fare. Government taxes vary continuously and may be applied retroactively to the Booking date.
If a government tax is introduced or increased after the Passenger has made a Booking, the Passenger must pay the Carrier the new tax before departure.
Alternatively, the Passenger may decide not to make the trip and request reimbursement of the Ticket. Similarly, if a tax is abolished or reduced and is no longer chargeable, or if a lower amount is payable, the Passenger may ask the Carrier to refund the tax or the related difference.
If a Passenger refuses to travel on a flight for which they have a confirmed Booking, the Passenger may obtain a refund of the airport taxes and charges for the flight(s) not flown.

Depending on the chosen purchasing channel, a Ticketing Fee may be charged directly by the Carrier or its Authorised Agents.

Taxes, fees, fares and charges must be paid in the currency of the country of origin for the entire Itinerary, unless otherwise indicated by Aeroitalia. Aeroitalia may, at its discretion, accept payment in a currency other than that of the country of origin of the trip.

Value Added Tax (VAT) does not apply to fares for international travel. Prices and price supplements on domestic (national) flights are subject to VAT.


The carriage of unaccompanied minors, Passengers with Reduced Mobility, persons with illnesses and anyone else in need of specific assistance may be subject to special procedures. The Passenger must inform the Carrier of any special requirements when making the Booking.
The Carrier will make every effort to satisfy requests for special assistance made after the Booking or, according to the applicable legislation (EC Regulation No. 1107/2006) within 48 hours before departure, taking into account in particular the notice period communicated and the type of assistance requested.

For safety reasons, infants (aged 8 days to 23 months) must sit on an adult's lap using the infant safety belt provided by the crew, without any additional fees.


The Check-in Time Limit will vary from one airport to another. The Passenger must strictly comply with the time limits, otherwise the Bookings will be cancelled.
The Carrier or the Authorised Agent will provide the Passenger with the necessary information about Check-in Time Limits. The information about the Check-in Time Limits forms an integral part of the Transport Contract in any event.
The Passenger must arrive sufficiently in advance of the flight departure to complete all the formalities required to be able to make the trip and, in any case, before the Check-in Time Limit. If the Passenger is not in possession of all the documents necessary for check-in, the Carrier may cancel the booking without having any liability to the Passenger.
The Passenger must arrive at the boarding gate before the boarding time indicated at the time of check-in and on the Boarding Card.
The Carrier may cancel the Passenger's booking, without having any liability to the Passenger, if the Passenger does not arrive at the boarding gate by the indicated time.
Aeroitalia is not liable for any costs or expenses incurred by any Passenger who did not comply with the provisions contained in this article.


A limited number of bags can be checked in as part of the baggage allowance shown on the ticket. The carriage of any luggage in excess of the baggage allowance or special items will incur a supplement. The weight of each item may not exceed 32 kg.

The Passenger may deliver his/her baggage at the Carrier's check-in before the Check-in Time Limit; at that point the Carrier takes custody of the baggage and will issue the Passenger with a Baggage Receipt for each item checked in.
The contents of Checked Baggage must be protected, and be able to withstand normal handling. Money, jewellery or other valuables, identity documents and electronic devices should not be included in the hold baggage.
The measurements, weight, shape and size of each bag must comply with the company's standards, which can be found on the Aeroitalia website. The Passenger must affix a name tag or other personal identification system to the Checked Baggage.
Checked Baggage will be carried on the same aircraft as the Passenger, unless there are safety or operational reasons that require carriage on a later flight. In this case, the Baggage will be delivered to the Passenger's domicile.
Baggage not suitable for carriage in the hold may be accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin only if space is available and in the manner indicated by the Carrier.

The following items may not be carried:
  • Items that may endanger the aircraft, persons or objects on board, such as those specified in the ICAO or IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. A list of dangerous items may be requested from the Carrier or Authorised Ticket Agent. Dangerous items include, in particular: explosives, compressed gases, oxidising, radioactive or magnetic materials, highly flammable materials and poisonous or aggressive substances;

  • Items whose carriage is prohibited by laws, regulations or orders in force in any country from which the aircraft has arrived or transited through;

  • Items that are dangerous, unsafe or unsuitable for transport due to their weight, size or type, or because they are fragile, perishable or particularly delicate;

  • Lithium batteries or separate rechargeable lithium batteries (commonly used in electronic consumer goods such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, watches and cameras) can only be carried in hand luggage. A maximum of two separate lithium batteries or separate rechargeable lithium batteries with a maximum power of 160 Wh may be carried as spare batteries for electronic consumer goods. The carriage of separate lithium batteries or batteries with a power between 100 Wh and 160 Wh must be approved in advance by the airline;


  • Weapons of any kind, in particular firearms, blades or pointed weapons, and sprays. Sports weapons can be accepted as baggage at our discretion. They must be unloaded and with the safety catch on. The transport of ammunition is subject to ICAO and IATA regulations.


  • Items whose weight, size, shape or type makes them unsuitable for transport, taking particular account of the type of aircraft. Passengers can be provided with information about these items, on request.

Aeroitalia is not responsible for any items deliberately stored in Checked Baggage that do not comply with the provisions of this paragraph. Aeroitalia has the right to refuse to carry as Baggage any object that is unsuitable for the above reasons, and if already accepted, the right to refuse to continue to carry such objects.

Each Ticket allows the Passenger to carry into the cabin a quantity of unchecked Baggage, limited by number and/or weight and/or size. Unchecked Baggage must be of a size that can be placed under the seat in front of the Passenger or placed in the appropriate baggage racks. If the Carrier has to check in an item of Baggage for carriage in the aircraft hold due to the Passenger's failure to comply with these conditions, the Passenger may be required to pay a surcharge, if the Baggage is in excess of the applicable allowance. At any time prior to take-off, for reasons of safety or operation of the aircraft, the Carrier may refuse to accept items in the cabin if they are required to be checked in as Checked Baggage, without any fare supplement. The number, maximum weight and size of cabin baggage can be found on the Aeroitalia website.

For reasons of safety and/or security and/or at the request of the authorities, the Passenger may be required to collaborate in the search, X-ray or other checking of their luggage. If a Passenger is not available, their Baggage may be scanned or searched in their absence, particularly in order to check whether it contains any of the items referred to in Article 8.3 above.
The Carrier may refuse to carry any Passenger who does not consent to such requests.

The carriage of pets accompanying the Passenger is subject to the prior and explicit acceptance by the Carrier. Each Passenger may carry a limited number of pets on each flight. The carriage of certain categories of Pet is prohibited by law. Information about prohibited categories of pet is available on request from the Carrier or its Authorised Agents and on the Aeroitalia website.
The Passenger must be able to show valid ID documents for the pet, if requested by the authorities of the countries of departure, transit and arrival; such documents may include a pet passport, health and vaccination certificates. Animals in the cabin must be transported in special carriers suitable for the transport of animals, which contain their entire body and in which they can stand up and breathe easily. Since the carriage of animals is not included in the free baggage allowance, the Passenger must pay a fare supplement. Guide dogs and service dogs accompanying Passengers with Reduced Mobility will be transported free of charge.
The transport of service animals is limited to dogs only. A passenger with a proven disability travelling with a service dog assumes full responsibility for the safety, health, well-being and behaviour of the animal and its interaction with other passengers and crew members who may come into contact with the service dog on board the aircraft or in the gate area.
The Passenger will be liable for all costs arising from any failure to comply with these obligations, as well any damage caused by the animal transported and releases the Carrier from any liability and consequences arising from the Passenger's failure to ascertain the above conditions and/or limitations or their failure to possess the necessary documents and/or their failure to comply with the applicable rules and provisions.


The scheduled flight times can be found on the Aeroitalia website and will be indicated during the Booking process, as well as shown on the Ticket and on the Itinerary Receipt. The Carrier shall use its best endeavours to carry the Passenger and his/her baggage to the destination without delay. However, the regularity and punctuality of flights are subject to a number of factors independent of the Carrier and which may result in the rescheduling or cancellation of the flight. The Carrier will inform Passengers as quickly as possible of any changes to the flights and will do everything in its power to alleviate the inconvenience of its Passengers. When making the booking, the Passenger is required to provide contact details to which flight change notifications can be sent.
In case of flight delays, cancellations or denied boarding due to overbooking, Aeroitalia will apply the mandatory international, European and national laws in force, in particular Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 February 2004, which can be consulted on the Aeroitalia website. Any reference to the above laws must be understood as referring to the laws in force at the time. Such laws are mandatory in nature but do not constitute an integral part of the Transport Contract.

If for reasons beyond the control of the Carrier (e.g. adverse weather conditions), it is not reasonably possible or otherwise prudent to land at the original destination airport and it is appropriate to land at another airport, the Air Transport will be considered completed when the aircraft arrives at the alternative airport, except in the case where the aircraft then proceeds to the original destination. The Carrier will in any case arrange alternative carriage, also by other means of transport, where necessary, in order to transport the Passengers to their original destination without additional costs.


Aeroitalia assumes no obligation (or liability) in relation to services other than Air Transport performed by third parties, although such services are advertised and can be purchased on Aeroitalia's website.


The Passenger must, under their sole responsibility, obtain all the necessary travel documents and visas and comply with all the laws of the countries of departure, arrival and transit.
Travel documents and visas must be valid for the entire duration of the journey, including any interruptions. In this regard, Aeroitalia assumes no responsibility and is in no way responsible for any consequences that the Passenger may suffer due to their negligence in obtaining such documents.

Before departure, Passengers are required to show all entry and exit documents. These may be medical/health documents or other documents required by the countries concerned. Passengers are also required to hand such documents to the Carrier and/or allow the Carrier to make copies of them, if necessary, or to record information contained in them. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse carriage to any Passengers who do not comply with these requirements or who are travelling with incomplete travel documents. The Carrier cannot be held responsible for the consequences and in particular for any losses and costs incurred by the Passenger due to non-compliance with current legislation, without prejudice to the right to obtain a refund on any ticket not used due to a rejection of a visa for reasons not attributable to the Passenger and of which the Carrier has been informed prior to departure. 

If a Passenger is refused entry to a country, the Passenger will be liable for any costs and fines imposed on the Carrier by the local authorities as a result of such refusal. The Carrier will not reimburse the Passenger for the cost of any Ticket purchased for carriage to the destination at which the Passenger was refused entry and may use the amounts paid for the Air Transport if the authorities order the Passenger to return to the country of departure.